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The local vendors will not be around if we do not patronize them. Give them a call to place an order or visit & see the store.

Tucson Area Music Stores
There are a number of good music stores in Tucson that can order needed sheet music for you if they do not have it in stock. Some of these stores also offer private instruction in a variety of instruments.

Online Sources of Published Music
MusicNotes.com carries songbooks to order and many songs can be instantly printed from their site for about $5 using a credit card. I recommend purchasing piano/guitar vocal arrangements. (The less expensive versions are generally adaptations of the original, in simplified keys and easy piano arrangements.)
ejazzlines has a huge inventory of materials: CDs, DVDS and music books.
SheetMusicPlus They have just about everything in print. The link below takes you to the current promotion. They now offer sheet music downloads as well.
Sheet Music Plus Featured Sale

National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)
Although being primarily focused on classical traditions, besides a national conference, NATS publishes informative articles on technique, style and the science of singing. They are also a great source for master teachers, schools and competitions for those interested in advanced study of the voice and a professional career in classical genres and to some extent musical theatre.

A Few Words About CDs, Videos, Instructional Materials

I have purchased a variety of different books, CDs, and DVDs that claim to teach you how to sing. Some of them have good, well organized information and some are less valuable in terms of proper technique. These materials do not replace one-on-one teaching. Some make big claims and may help you sing louder and stronger, but often at the expense of vocal health or correct intonation. As with many highly hyped products, you may sometimes get quick results but create damaging habits that are hard to break. (It is not physically possible to scream and not hurt your voice. It is possible to learn to sing loudly and safely if you are prepared to understand it involves effort and a period of training.)

For the serious student of singing I highly recommend the warmup CD from Mr. Roland Wyatt, whose information is in the sidebar. For choir directors and voice coaches and teachers, his book is very useful; it references the expansive list of the best vocal experts and their works. (See Sidebar)

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