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Get practical music instruction tailored to your style and goals..
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with Band Leader/Arranger, former music professor, Dr. Jarrett, Ph.D.
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There are infinite ways to organize a song, but how you structure yours can make the difference between getting your song across or not.
Even though styles differ, songwriters start with modeling forms they’ve heard, and modifying them through hard work to find their own “voice.”
Songwriting Sessions focus on three main areas:

Harmonic Progressions, Melodic Structure,
Intros and Endings, Bridges (Channels, Interludes, etc.),
Hooks and Melodic structures. Repetition Schemes
Story, Characters, Moods, Rhyme Schemes, Meters,
Poetic Structure, Metaphors and Meaning, Clarity
Instrumentation, Rhythmic Patterns, Lead “Voices,”
Dynamics, Tempos, Textures

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Bring a Friend: Group Sessions Will Resume When Safe

When I was adjunct at the University of Arizona I was asked to teach a music theory course along with my regular courses. Because the students had vastly different backgrounds in music fundamentals I developed an approach to address each individual’s “gaps” in open discussions in the small group setting. The class was not only fun, the approach turned out to be very effective.
Songwriting workshops work well the same way. (And small group sessions are even more affordable.)

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